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I’m Johanna Smick, an Asheville, NC based bookbinder and printmaker. I offer original, hand-crafted books and prints, plus a wide range of bookbinding services.

Chairmaker's Notebook final

now available to pre-order!

Chairmaker’s Notebook
by Peter Galbert

Through collaborating with Peter Galbert and the wonderful people at Lost Art Press, I am pleased to present to you the handbound edition of Chairmaker’s Notebook. This signed and numbered limited edition of 45 books is made with the highest quality materials.

To read more about the edition or to view the gallery, follow the link below.


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So the limited edition of Chairmaker’s Notebook is officially sold out. Though I knew this would happen I certainly did not expect it to happen in less than a week. I know there are more of you out there that were hoping to […]

Welcome to the Bindery

I am a craftsman and artist working out of my home in NC. But before that I was living in Beverly, MA working at an art store, applying to internships, and considering an MFA.

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When my friend Peter Galbert first told me he was writing and illustrating a book my mind went exactly where you would expect it to go.  “You should get a few extra copies for me to do a nice binding”.  This soon developed into a small edition of […]

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As promised I will be going through the prototype for Chairmaker’s Notebook in detail in this blog post. To start I wanted to reiterate the difference you will see between this book and a production bound version. With large formatted art books the weight of […]

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